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  • Import - Export. We are the registered food importer with the code of FIMP005992 and importer/exporter code of 40499415J.

  • Integrity Plus is currently the exclusive distributor/wholesaler in New Zealand for the following products

    • Orgagro organic rice​

    • VietSuisse organic paper rice and noodles

    • Nghia Nippers 

  • Our company is the wholesaler for

    • Wooden kid toys​

    • Pet clothes and beds

    • Shopping bags


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Introduction of Vietnam products in terms of green and clean stuff at the annual Go Green Expo 2019 event in Auckland, New Zealand

April 07, 2019

New Zealand has been got a good name regarding the variety of aspects evolving economy, education and environment. The New Zealanders have appreciated in choosing the environment-friendly products together with the clean manufacturing processes. Based on that shopping behaviour, The Vietnam Embassy has put the Vietnam organic, gluten-free and environment-friendly products in the final short-list including seven kinds of organic rice, organic noodle, organic rice paper, cocoa powder, cocoa vinegar, raw cashew, luxury Minh Long porcelain, reusable shopping bags, wooden toy, Nghia nipper, medical stuff, 3D pop up card, pet clothes and Christmas decoration accessories made from coir and cinnamon.

Among the mentioned products, seven kinds of Vietnam organic rice have been successfully launched into Foodstuffs North Island being the biggest modern retail channel in New Zealand with the total number of 349 supermarkets by Integrity Plus Limited.

During the two-day event, food testing has been implemented for organic rice and cocoa powder and receiving positive feedback on outstanding quality as a consequence. There have been many local companies to ask for cooperating sales enquiries of Vietnam products in the coming time.

Go Green Expo is a good opportunity to do the real market research in regard to the shopping behaviours of New Zealanders for the portfolio of Vietnam products.

Got the excusive distributor agreement with Nghia Nippers in New Zealand!!!

January 19, 2019

Nghia Nippers is the most famous company regarding nails products in Vietnam. Their products have already exported to the European market for many years with the premium brand of Omi. They have also designed the specific portfolios of nippers to Chinese. 

In recent years, it is no doubt that the nail industry in New Zealand has risen considerably and more and more New Zealanders have appreciated the skills of Vietnamese nail specialists in terms of caring and designing their nails.

We do believe that together with the skills themselves, the nail specialists need the best nail tools and therefore, we are proud of to announce that from now on, we are able to supply the best nail tools at the reasonable price in New Zealand!

November 21, 2018

From 10-11 November, the Trade Office, Embassy of Vietnam in New Zealand have selected Integrity Plus Limited to organize an exhibition booth at the Go Green Expo 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand to promote green and clean products of Vietnam to New Zealand consumers. The products showcased in this Expo include Orga Gro organic rice, T-Bros brand cocoa powder, workwear, fiber bags and products made from coconut fibers.

Exhibition of Vietnam Organic Rice at Go Green Expo by the corporation between The Embassy of Vietnam Trade Office in New Zealand and Integrity Plus Limited

November 09, 2018

The Embassy of Vietnam Trade Office in New Zealand and Integrity Plus have been corporate to introduce successfully the Vietnam Organic Rice at the Go Green Expo on 10-11 November 2018. There has been a lot of good feedback in regard to the outstanding quality and acceptable price of organic rice named Orga Gro from customers coming through this event. Integrity Plus is the exclusive distributor of Orga Gro in New Zealand. They are currently in the final stage to get all these products being available in New World, Pak n' Save and Four Square at the beginning of 2019.

Becoming Exclusive Distributor of Vietnam Organic Rice in New Zealand

August 28, 2018

Orgagro-Organic rice is the rice grown by organic methods with the commitment of bringing the safety, best flavour and yummy taste to the Vietnamese in general. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of the gorgeous products in Kiwi country, and therefore the New Zealanders will have them very soon!!!

House dreaming

February 15, 2018

A plan of building 10,000 houses a year is promised by the new government. However, lack of both labour and construction materials contributes to the housing shortage. We, therefore, have done the outsourcing on behalf of our clients the construction material suppliers in some Asian countries. Currently, we are focusing on aluminium windows and scaffoldings. At the same time, we have put in mind the importance of fulfilment the strict New Zealand standards regarding the specification of the mentioned materials. Our specialists have searched and translated all relevant New Zealand standards to appropriate Asian languages. We also proud of becoming exclusive distributors of two Vietnamese construction material companies who definitely achieve New Zealand standards at such an acceptable price. We look forward to receiving shipments from them and contributing our effort to make a dream of the property of New Zealanders becoming true.

Friendly environment

February 15, 2018

The shopping bags will be banned early in 2018, so we have been in cooperation with a Vietnamese company who is the famous packaging specialist to launch the Ecobag and the first mass production will be executed soon this year.

New market for honey

February 15, 2018

New Zealand is famous for manuka honey and we have recognized that this is the huge opportunity to push on exporting. Our partners in Vietnam have asked us to outsource the Manuka with UMF rating and we are pleased to introduce the good names of New Zealand companies. Two first orders from different New Zealand honey enterprises were shipped to Vietnam to do the market research there and we do believe to receive the positive results. 

Milk for all ages above 4

February 15, 2018

We are in the progress of setting up the sector of import-export for New Zealand and Vietnamese markets. We have signed the exclusive distributor agreement with one of the dairy manufacturing companies in New Zealand. The product ingredients are unique with colostrum and manuka honey. At the same time, we have done the registration procedure for it according to the Vietnamese regulation of overseas food products. We have planned to start exporting it as soon as all the paperwork has been fulfilled.

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